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IIBMS is one of the leading Management Institute in the meadow of International Distance Learning Education. Over number of years we have been delivering quality output of well trained professionals to almost all industries that proves over benchmark performance of IIBMS.

We are really thankful to all our hardworking, determined, dedicated, disciplined, enthusiastic, talented… professionals – worldwide students, our associate partners, corporate world, IIBMS team members – managers, trainers, professors, authors, hr and placement team, recruiters, counselors, administrators, student relationship managers, student service team and all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the success of IIBMS.

At IIBMS we provide all range of courses in fast track mode as well as in normal mode. The option remains with the student to opt for either option at any point of time during the course pursuance.
For an example:
Minimum duration for MBA in 10 months – 1 year, DMS in 1 Year.
Generally when you opt for a regular MBA from any institution/college, even if you are prepared for exams & holding good amount of knowledge and practical work experience; you will not be allowed to appear for the exams before the course duration i.e. it takes minimum 2-3years.
At IIBMS, MBA program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 10 months to 2 years. Companies do accept and acknowledge our certificate. The certificate does not indicate course starting date, it just indicates the date on which the certificate is awarded.


1. Advance Certification Courses


  • Advanced Diploma in Textile Management [ADTM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Retail Management [ADRM]
  • Advanced Diploma in HR Management [ADHM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management [ADMM]
  • Advance Diploma in Information Technology Management [ADITM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management [ADHM]
  • Advance Diploma in Supply Chain Management [ADSCM]
  • Advance Diploma in Foreign Trade. [ADFT]
  • Advance Diploma in Operations Management [ADOM]
  • Advance Diploma in Banking and Insurance Management [ADBIM]
  • Advance Diploma In Biotechnology Management [ADBM]
  • Advance Diploma In Finance Management [ADFM]
  • Advance Diploma In Food & Nutrition Management [ADF&NM]
  • Advance Diploma In Material Management [ADMM]
  • Advance Diploma In Production Management [ADPM]
  • Advance Diploma In Purchase Management [ADPM]
  • Advance Diploma In Store Management [ADSM]
  • Advance Diploma In Interior Design Management [ADIDM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Construction Management [ADCM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Project Management [ADPM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Management [ADCM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Media Management [ADMM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Customer Relationship Management [ADCRM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Corporate Law [ADCL]
  • Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management [ADISM]
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication Management [ADMCM]

  • PTC – Professional in Tax Consultancy
  • PPM – Professional in Project Management
  • PMM – Professional in Marketing Management
  • PFM – Professional in Finance management
  • PHRM – Professional in Human Resource management
  • PBI – Professional in Banking & Insurance
  • CCA – Chartered Certified Accountant
  • CFM – Chartered Finance Manager
  • EMBA – Executive Master’s Program in Business Administration
  • GDM – Graduate Diploma in Management
  • MBA – Master’s Program in Business Administration
  • MIB – Master’s Program in International Business
  • MMS – Master’s Program in Management Studies
  • PGDBM – Post Graduate Diploma in Business management

  • DMS – Doctorate in Management Studies
  • MBA – Dual Specialization – Master’s Program in Business Administration

At IIBMS, we offer wide range of management programs. We offer following courses please select the course link for further details.

1. DMS: Doctorate in Management Studies
2. PLM: Professional laureate in Management

1.MBA: Master’s Program in Business Administration. (I-Sem)
2.EMBA: Executive Master’s Program in Business Administration. (II-Sem)
3.MIB: Master’s Program In International Business (II-Sem)
4.MMS: Master’s Program in Management Studies. (III-Sem)
5.PGDBM: Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (III-Sem)
6.MBA Dual Specialization: Master’s Program in Business Administration (IV-Sem)

1.PTC: Professional Tax Consultancy
2.PPM: Professional in Project Management
3.PMM: Professional in Marketing Management
4.PFM: Professional in Finance Management
5.PHRM: Professional in Human Resource Management
6.PBI: Professional in Banking and Insurance

1. CFM: Chartered Finance Manager.
2. CCA: Chartered Certified Accountant.

1. GDM: Graduate Diploma In Management.

1. ADFM – Advance Diploma in Finance management
2. ADFTM – Advance Diploma in Foreign Trade Management
3. ADHM – Advance Diploma in Hotel Management
4. ADHRM – Advance Diploma in Human Resource Management
5. ADIT – Advance Diploma in Information Technology
6. ADLM – Advance Diploma in Law Management
7. ADMM – Advance Diploma in Marketing Management
8. ADMM – Advance Diploma In Materials Management
9. ADOM – Advance Diploma In Operations Management
10. ADPM – Advance Diploma in Production management
11. ADRM – Advance Diploma in Retail Management
12. ADSCM – Advance Diploma In Supply Chain Management
13. ADTM – Advance Diploma in Textile Management
14. DBM – Diploma in Business Management
15. PLM – Professional Laureate in Management

1. DBM: Diploma in Business Management

1. Advance Certification in Accounting
2. Advance Certification in Agriculture Management
3. Advance Certification in Air Transport Management
4. Advance Certification in Architectural Management
5. Advance Certification in Auditing
6. Advance Certification in Banking finance
7. Advance Certification in Business Communication
8. Advance Certification in Business Ethics
9. Advance Certification in Business Law
10. Advance Certification in Business Research Methods
11. Advance Certification in Business Strategy
12. Advance Certification in Consumer Behavior
13. Advance Certification in Corporate Finance
14. Advance Certification in Derivative Valuation
15. Advance Certification in Direct Taxation
16. Advance Certification in E- Business System
17. Advance Certification in Enterprise Risk Management
18. Advance Certification in Equity Valuation
19. Advance Certification in Event Management
20. Advance Certification in Financial Accounting
21. Advance Certification in Financial Institutions
22. Advance Certification in Financial Management
23. Advance Certification in Financial Markets
24. Advance Certification in Financial Planning
25. Advance Certification in Food Science & Nutrition
26. Advance Certification in Global Business Environment
27. Advance Certification in Health Care
28. Advance Certification in Hospital Management
29. Advance Certification in Human Resource
30. Advance Certification in Import / Export Management
31. Advance Certification in Insurance Management
32. Advance Certification in Insurance Operations
33. Advance Certification in Intellectual property rights
34. Advance Certification in International Business
35. Advance Certification in International Finance
36. Advance Certification in International Human Resource
37. Advance Certification in International Marketing
38. Advance Certification in IT in Management
39. Advance Certification in Knowledge Management
40. Advance Certification in Library Management
41. Advance Certification in Logistic Management
42. Advance Certification in Maintenance
43. Advance Certification in Management Accounting
44. Advance Certification in Managerial Economics
45. Advance Certification in Marketing Management
46. Advance Certification in Media Management
47. Advance Certification in Mergers and Acquisitions
48. Advance Certification in Operations Management
49. Advance Certification in Organizational Behaviors
50. Advance Certification in Personnel Management
51. Advance Certification in Portfolio Management
52. Advance Certification in Public Administration
53. Advance Certification in Sales & Distribution Management
54. Advance Certification in Sales Management
55. Advance Certification in Shipping Management
56. Advance Certification in Strategic Marketing
57. Advance Certification in Supply Chain Management
58. Advance Certification in Total Quality Management
59. Advance Certification in Training & Development

At IIBMS, we offer over 100 specializations; hence we have a course for almost everyone. You can select almost any specialization. In general fees will remain same for almost all specializations excluding few peculiar / specific specializations.
Subject to approval from education advisory committee of experienced professors, we do offer further unique specialized courses (in addition to the list of specializations provided in prospectus)
We do offer customized courses based on requirement of corporate, companies, professional, social groups and also to individuals with interest to learn something different & innovative attitude towards learning new horizons.
Pre-requisite for acceptance to such request is approval from our advisory committee, your adequate interest, adequate experience in relative subject.
Inbuilt specialization(s) and additional specialization(s) option:
1.You may apply for minimum 1-2 specializations depend upon the course applied for. (Included in course subject as spz-1 / spz-1 and spz-2)
2.You may apply for maximum 2 additional specializations by forwarding request and application for the same along with applicable additional fees for the same. Fees for additional specialization is INR5000/- per additional specialization for Indian students in India and US$200/- for NRI & foreign students.
3.You may select all specialization for one group or from different groups.

How to select the right specialization:
1. Please refer to the list of specializations given below.
2. Select few specialization of your area of interest, academic qualification, and work experience.
3. Discuss with our experienced career counselors to understand and decide the right course, specializations that can benefit you
4. Our experienced counselors would be delighted to assist you in deciding the right course and right specialization.
5. You may download our prospectus for a glance at courses and list of specializations.

  • Advertising Management
  • Communication Management
  • Information Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Media Management
  • Public Relationship Management
  • Telecom Management


  • Architecture Management
  • Construction Management
  • Interior Management


    • Asset Management.
    • Audit Management.
    • Banking Management.
    • Charted Finance Management.
    • Corporate & Finance Management.
    • Cost Accounting.
    • Equity Research Management.
    • Finance Management.
    • Foreign Exchange Management.
    • International Finance Management.
    • Investment Analysis Management.
    • Investment Management.
    • Management Accounting
    • Mutual Fund Management.
    • Portfolio Management.
    • Risk & Insurance Management.
    • Takeover & Acquisition Management


  • Taxation Management.


  • BPO Management.
  • Customer Care Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management.


  • Agriculture Management.
  • Air Transport Management.
  • Aviation Management.
  • Education Management
  • Energy Management.
  • Entrepreneur Management.
  • Environment Management.
  • Event Management.
  • Facility Management
  • Family Business Management.
  • Fashion Management.
  • Food Science & Nutrition.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Labor Low Management.
  • Packaging Management.
  • Petroleum Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Rural Management
  • Safety Management.
  • School Management.
  • Shipping Management.


  • Business Administration
  • General Management.
  • Business Management
  • Business Environment


  • Facility Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Transport Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management


  • Business Marketing.
  • Call Center Management.
  • Corporate Low.
  • Corporate Training.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Personnel Management.
  • Public Administration.
  • Retail Management.


  • Automobile
  • Industrial Management
  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Operation Management
  • Production Management
  • Production Planning & Inventory Control
  • Project Management
  • Total Quality Management


  • Export Management.
  • Foreign Trade.
  • International Marketing
  • International Trade.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Marketing Research.
  • Sales Management.


  • Bio-Technology Management
  • Clinical Pharmacology Management
  • Clinical Research
  • Health Care Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • Hospital Management
  • Pharmacology.


  • Logistics Management
  • Materials Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Total Quality Management


  • Cyber Low Management
  • E Commerce Management
  • E-Business System
  • Hardware Management
  • Information Technology
  • Network Management
  • Project in IT management
  • SAP Consultancy Management
  • Software Management
  • Software Projects Management


  • Fashion Management
  • Textile Management.

At IIBMS, we emphasize on practical applicability of the acquired knowledge. Thus we offer almost all courses with case study approach. The courses offered are based on requirement of industries. Also our experienced counselors can assist you in deciding the correct course and specialized for your bright professional career.

Please refer the courses page for further details.

We are in to Education Services to thousands of our National & Internationals students. We do provide Multi-Flexi Management studies to our students located worldwide. You can Enroll, Study, Exams, carryout entire course procedure from any part of the world without any difficulties.

Once enrollment done with IIBMS, We ensure that the students enrolled is well equipped with detail information to carry out entire program smoothly. Our systematically designed post admission procedure makes it fast, convenient, & easy for our students to coordinate.
You shall receive welcome e-mail /SMS within 1~2 days from the date of receipt of your entire set of documents along with the details of fees payment.

Within 2~7 days from the date of clearance of the initial fees payment, you shall receive ID Card & Admission Confirmation Letter.

ID Number or Ref. No. must be indicated on any of your communication to IIBMS.

Upon admission you will be provided with details of all our communication and assistance team. At IIBMS we have various layers of assistance team. We assure that student can receive solution to all the queries that may arise during the course of admission, studies, exam, result, placements.

At IIBMS, we strive to deliver best services to our students worldwide. We have separate contact details for each department of service. This is to ensure fastest query solution for students. Students may contact us.

At IIBMS, we believe in transparency and connectivity not only for our staff team but also for our students.

Students are provided with dedicated student service executives, student relationship managers for any kind of unresolved service issues.

Our student relationship manager will make sure for professional service delivered at right time to all the students, SRM will make sure for fastest query solving. In case of queries remain unresolved students are empowered to contact to HR department, Head of IIBMS. This is to ensure best services to our students.

At IIBMS, Exams are conducted with great flexibility options.

You need not to visit our institute for admission, collecting study material, attending classes, asking queries, applying exam, receiving –collecting question papers, writing answers, submitting answer papers, securing result, certificate mark-sheets, securing placement….Entire process is carried out with great flexibility.

Once you feel confident that you are ready for the upcoming scheduled exams, you need to make an application for exams before 60 days from the first date of scheduled month of examination; subject to minimum & maximum duration of the selected course.

Also, if you feel that you are not ready for the upcoming scheduled exams, you may not make any exam demand. Thus you can delay your exams to the next scheduled date up-to the maximum duration of course.

You need not to visit any exam center for application of exams or to attend the exams. For exams you just need to mail your exam application in prescribed format. Exam department mail id is exam@iibms.net. You may also submit your application for exam through online student corner – online forms.

You will receive confirmation for booking your exam dates. The question papers will be sent to you in form of attachment to e-mail. You can access to the question papers at worldwide locations through internet, prepare answers and send us to our exam department via courier / speed post.


We all know knowledge is power but this power is of no use unless put to use. Practical application of knowledge is wisdom. We design & develop our student’s mindset for not only acquiring knowledge but also utilizing entire set of knowledge to maximum possible – optimum use. We strive to be on top of competitive advantage of IIBMS i.e. wisdom.

Our examination pattern checks for development status of our student wisdom and not just knowledge. Thus we are sure of providing best input to various industries across the globe, in the form of talented, trained & skilled human resource, managers.

The panel of experienced professors designs the question papers. Questions are designed in such a way that one cannot find the direct answers by referring to books or study material.

Case studies will be presented in the context of respective subjects. The students have to analyze the situation of the organization in question & present his / her opinion, suggestion, recommendations – decision over the situation as a manager of the organization. The recommendations can be supported with management theories-well known case studies etc…

The case study is considered as the best mode of understanding of management fundamentals. This is also considered as practical mode of examination.

This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on case studies and personal experiences. This format is similar to that of PHD programs. IIBMS has designed this liberal and novel education methodology that allows students to answer examination questions at their own choice comfort and quality.

This ensures that the students are assessed fairly for their managerial skills. Also, the certificate it is not going to describe the mode of examination.

Results are declared within 45 working days from the date of receipt of the hand written answer papers along with copy of the question papers. The results are declared in the form of email. The Mark-sheets & certificates are issued only after completion of the entire course.

Student can also mail o result@iibms.net for the enquire of results

The certificate stands valid worldwide with the ISO 9001:2008 Statement & affixed logos of IADL, IAF, QA Technic etc.

For cross verification of the certificate one can mail the request to verification@iibms.net along with details of reference number & name of the student. This will ensure third party verification convenient, confidential. Also student will also get intimation and status of verification done by any third party.

We are glad to inform you that, almost all the alumni of IIBMS has appreciated us for our continuous efforts towards dynamic development in to field of distance education & placement assistance – continuous performance in the various industries & track record of placement assistance. For details please refer to the list of star students in the prospectus & web site.

We provide best placement solution to our students through our dedicated placement cell also we are associated with Hindustan Times Group – Shine.com for best placement services.

Upon securing positive results student can utilize the placement services form IIBMS without any extra charge. Student needs to forward two sets of following documents for placement assistance request.

* Placement Assistance Request Form (PARF)
* Xerox copy of updated CV
* Academic Education Qualification Certificates (2copies each)
* Work Experience Certificates
* Other certificates, workshop attended any special achievement, professional memberships etc… (If any)
* Passport size photographs (4nos.).
Please fill up all the details in placement request form and forward one soft copy and two hard copy duly signed to our dedicated placement team. Contact mail id for placement team is placements@iibms.net.

Please fill up all the details in placement request form. The complete details will make it easy & fast to process your placement assistance. Please specify your preferences – preferred industry, preferred location, preferred company-corporate, preferred designation, profile of interest, expectation of CTC other terms etc…

You need to attend the interviews the appointment shall be confirmed as per the company policy & performance in the interviews.

IIBMS is a long run success story. Since establishment of IIBMS we had delivered quality education to thousands of students worldwide year after year. You may refer following list of few of our star students and few testimonials for your reference.

At IIBMS, we strongly believe that…

“There is always scope for improvement
Continuous improvement is the key to success”.

Being an International management institution we do understand the need and importance of clear planning, setting goals, constant efforts to ensure targets and improvement goals are achieved well in time. One of the important seep to achieve the goal is not just setting a goal but also to declare the goal to self and entire team that gives clear vision for team work. We are pleased to declare our few planning below.


At IIBMS, we follow easy, systematic, standard professional admission procedure that itself ensure level of proficiency of the organization.

Following documents are required for Admission @ IIBMS. You can submit your application for admission along with necessary documents to the institute through speed-post / courier / personally handover / e-mail* scan copy / admission executive.

Intimation before and after dispatching courier / post:
Please make sure to intimate the counselor and provide details of courier docket number immediately upon sending the courier. The details are important for tracking out the documents to enable us to serve you fastest and to provide you the best services.

Following documents (2 copies each) are required for admission to IIBMS.
1. Application form duly filled and signed. (fill up in BLOCK LETTERS only)
2. Passport size colour photograph (3-original)
3. Permanent address proof or Correspondence address proof
4. Photo ID Proof
5. Educational qualification mark sheets / certificate as per eligibility.
6. Experience letter / Appointment letter / Offer letter
7. Latest Resume.
8. Available options mode of payment: Cash/Cheque/Demand draft/Deposit/On-line transfer to IIBMS bank A/c.
9. Cheque / DD should be issued in favor of: “Indian Institute of Business Management & Studies” payable at Mumbai / Bangalore / Hyderabad / Surat / the branch at which the admission documents are forwarded.
10.Self declaration letter for not submitting / delay in submitting any of the documents (if any documents are not available at the time of admission). Please download the format of self declaration for admission documents stating “I Mr./Ms. First Name Middle Name Last Name hereby confirm to submit all the required pending documents by dd/mm/yyyy date”.

Communication / courier Address for submitting documents (select any branch):
IIBMS, A-203, Suryakiran Apartment, Behind HDFC Bank, Near Chamunda Circle, S.V.P. Road,
Borivali West, Mumbai: 400092, Maharashtra, India.
Mobile No: +91-9930620500/ 9930608500 / Phone: 022- 65279030/ 31/ 32
022 40718800(100 lines) Email: mumbai@iibms.net

IIBMS, Aragini Bhavana, # 2/4, 4th floor, Dr Rajkumar Road,
Rajaji Nagar,4th Block, Bengaluru -56010
Mobile No: +91 9930620500
Email: bengaluru@iibmsindia.com

IIBMS, No 3-6-560-B, 2nd Floor, Behind AATLO’S Trade Center,
Landmark-Lane between Brand Factory & Lavnya Dental Hospital,
Above Dermatrenz Clinic, Opposite Woodland Restaurant,
Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad-500029, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile No: +91-9246811808 / 9393701690.
Email: hyderabad@iibms.net

Confirmation of Admission:
Once we receive the courier, we will intimate you through call / e-mail / letter given by IIBMS. Once the payment is cleared you will be provided with the welcome e-mail/ welcome letter from IIBMS. The ID card, Receipt, Admission letter, study material will be issued and couriered to you with 25 working day from the date of clearance of total fees amount.

Please refer & understand the guidelines to fill up the admission application form and terms and conditions for enrollment to IIBMS.

All rights reserved by IIBMS.
By – IIBMS – Admission Team


What do Professionals say?

Amit S Kansia

IIBMS have give the full and better support to me, during my MBA course. IIBMS give me all tips of support like a Subject tips, better communication with me, speedy and time-to-time inform to me, quality of staff, quality response for my any problems and I think IIBMS will being a best back up support for me to success of my career path.

Amit S Kansia
MBA in Shipping and logistics
Manju Sharma

It has been a wonderful experience to study from IIBMS. I opted for MBA Marketing- Fast Track course and gave my Exams, the support from your team has been great and I heartily thank all of you. Personally I would like to share that IIBMS is doing excellent work in terms of educating aspiring candidates through various Management programs.

Manju Sharma
MBA in Marketing Management
Manoj Chandra

I passed MBA with specialization of Finance and would like to share my opinion about my course and exam. Course material was very good. It helped me a lot to clear the basic concept of my subjects. It was very much informative. Co-operation of IIBMS employees were very good and prompt. Exam papers were also very good in the sense of logical case studies.

Manoj Chandra
MBA in Finance Management
Jayantilal Gordhanbhai Bhalani

I am very much thankful to the entire team of IIBMS, for giving me good support during my course duration. The study material is latest and world class. Exam system is very flexible and modern. I got instant benefit of EMBA in ENERGY MANAGEMENT as I am going to become a part of NONCONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCE DEVELOPMENT TEAM of my company.

Jayantilal Gordhanbhai Bhalani
EMBA in Energy Management
Dhiraj Gupta

I am so happy to complete my MBA in Finance Management with IIBMS. And thanks to every one of IIBMS personnel to support in superior way. Quality of Course Materials was better than others. Support from IIBMS was Outstanding. I recommend new people to join IIBMS without any hesitation for good prospect. ALL THE BEST.

Dhiraj Gupta
MBA in Finance Management
Sudhakar Shetty - Manager Data Centre

My experience with IIBMS was wonderful. Counsellors are very active and always willing to help all the time. Learning was a great experience , books provided were excellent. Looking forward to pursue some other course also with IIBMS.

Sudhakar Shetty - Manager Data Centre
Anil Sharma

Co-operation from IIBMS was nice and acceptable, timely information and updates were the positive aspects of IIBMS. Proper and acute information standard is maintained and regular communication trough mail and over phone was maintained during course tenure. Overall all very good Support from IIBMS.

Anil Sharma
MBA Construction Management
Varghese K Raju

The syllabus which IIBMS offers is very easy and updated one can easily without having to put in much effort. There were high quality case studies which were practical and it helped me to think a lot and even gave many ideas about my present job. I work in Retail Sector here in UAE as a Showroom Manager.

Varghese K Raju
MBA Marketing Management
Pankaj Kumar Sharma

I got excellent support from IIBMS team about understanding the course as Well as got good study material for all (Course) Subjects. I have received Proper response from IIBMS Counselor every time. Examination pattern is Also good . I hope the Institute keeps best perform for us to work like this and wish It all the best for future.

Pankaj Kumar Sharma
MBA - Finance Management
Tejal Mistry - Module Lead

IIBMS never gave a chance to complain for anything. I have found very good study material from IIBMS. All the subjects covered are really helpful to students. Throughout my study I have had a great experience The staff is always ready to sort out any issues if you have. All the staff members are very supporting and ready to help you anytime.

Tejal Mistry - Module Lead
T. R. Rajasekaran - Cluster Team Lead (BSS)

Taking into consideration the current market strategy and situation of the job, it is possible to complete the MBA through IIBMS, that is the very happiest news for my carrier growth. The books which i have received are the best selected books, really these books are very useful for the management and also helps us to learn a lot of management skill.

T. R. Rajasekaran - Cluster Team Lead (BSS)
MBA 4-Sem
Salil K Srivastava

It was my pleasure for being associated with IIBMS as a student, the way you deal with the student is really appreciable. I have recommended some of my colleagues as well to join EMBA from IIBMS ONLY. As the Exam Pattern is very Impressive. IIBMS Staff, Professors are very supportive. Wishing you all the best ...

Salil K Srivastava
Diplok Paul

The quality of the course material was excellent. I got good support from the faculty of IIBMS. All my doubts were cleared through IIBMS online support. After receiving result and certificate, I got interview call from the Placements Cell of IIBMS for Hotel ST.LAURN TOWERS, Ahmedabad (A Five Star Hotel). I am really thankful to IIBMS PLACEMENT CELL for giving me a chance to get into such good and reputed property.

Diplok Paul
MBA in Hospitality Management

At the outset, I extend my sincere thanks to one and all both IIBMS, at Bengaluru and Mumbai. First, I had taken MBA from IIBMS in 2011 and then, now DMS. Right from the word go, it was a fantastic experience and every time I interacted with IIBMS, the reply was prompt and very clear. I could say almost all occasions, I got the reply instantly to my satisfaction.

MBA in Business Administration & DMS
Mayur Gajera

The experience with IIBMS was awesome! For working professionals, who spent about 12 hours a day in office, such a help is really appreciable and commendable. The case study base exams is a good method of conducting an exam and with this method even if it is open book test you are not sure of passing as you have to prove your case to be right.

Mayur Gajera
Textile Industry, Director
Yashobanta Pothal

The course materials of IIBMS was really very good and industry standard. I got supports in every situation like exam time, study materials by courier and sometimes i was needed some information. In all situation i got the reply in timely, also they are maintained and regular communication through mail and over phone to the students and respective departments.

Yashobanta Pothal
MBA - HR and Software Project Management
Priyaranjan Kumar

It was a great learning experience with IIBMS. Quality of course material is excellent and relevant to industry standards, exam pattern is very much suitable for working professionals and aspiring students. Communication and support from the respective department is very clear. Professors are highly qualified and have complete knowledge about subject and very supportive.

Priyaranjan Kumar
EMBA Marketing & HR
Ayath Basha

I have received good support from IIBMS like sending course material on time, Exam schedule and exam paper as well. Examination pattern is good method and its very useful pattern for professionals who are working in marketing segment and big organization. I got a good support from professors for any type of queries including project and all.

Ayath Basha
Dilip Menon

I really appreciate the institute, the course provided, the exam and all the support provided by IIBMS was excellent. I must say that the counselors are great and they always gave me appropriate guidance when ever required. Communication was almost through emails,which is highly appreciated Examination pattern is Interesting and a very convenient.

Dilip Menon
EMBA specialization Hotel Management

IIBMS books have easy language with good example. There were high quality case studies which were practical and it helped me to think a lot and was against expectations. Regular communication through mail and over phone was maintained during course tenure. Very nice, Exam papers were also very good in the sense of logical case studies and current affairs. My experience was wonderful.

EMBA ( HR & Finance)

It was a very good experience to be a part of IIBMS. The Councelling was good, convenient examination procedure and infact i finished my MBA without disturbing my official work and I would like to thank you (IIBMS) to help in achieving it. The 2 years of our association was memorable and thanks for the same. The examination cell was very co-operative and very prompt in replying me. Thanks for all the support.

Anita Panigrahy

I am extremely grateful to the team of IIBMS, Its methodology has helped me keep my ideology persistent. I find very little time to pursue a full time college. IIBMS is an innovation that fits my requirements. The examination system and schedules are also very suitable and flexible for working professionals and besides, the syllabus and content are well updated and process of learning is made easy with the aid of right books.

Anita Panigrahy
Chandra Sekhar Tripathy

Excellent and easy to understand study material. Without any coaching one can score above 70% marks. Any time you can send any message you will get positive answer. Exam Pattern is very good, You can sit at home and appear for exams. Examination support from professors for queries is excellent. Support for your complaints with immediate action and readily replies. I am very happy that I was a part of IIBMS.

Chandra Sekhar Tripathy
MBA - Project Management
Devang Parikh

I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience during my course duration. The case-study helped me in understanding the subject matter very well which was based on real life experience. The admission procedure was smooth and easy and many questions are answered online as well. Books, I received were bulky at the first sight. Whenever called or mail to enquire I received prompt assistance.

Devang Parikh
EMBA Information Technology Management
Anuradha Mamidi

I am very happy with the support that I've recieved from IIBMS. Whenever I had any doubts i revieved proper guidence from staff. I am sure that the course material will help me for my entire career, it is easy to understand. It enhances the practical knowledge, whenever I face any problem professionally, by just refering to the books i got proper solution. I am very thankful to the entire team of IIBMS.

Anuradha Mamidi
Kartikeya Sharma

I really appreciate prompt support from counsellor and examination cell. Case studies and theory are self explanatory. The level of course material is quite competent with International Management scenario . Since i m a business traveller and din't face much problem travelling and studying. My experience with IIBMS team for support is very good since every query was answered with complete conclusion. Examination pattern covers the complete crux of course.

Kartikeya Sharma
E- MBA, specialization : Energy Management
Madhusudan Menon

I had a wonderful experience interacting with IIBMS. The entire process of admission is well planned. The course material content is very much updated with the latest economic and industry trends. Response to my communication has always been prompt and solution focused. I never felt the challenge of being located away from India when interacting with my counselor on the process of admission, exams, etc.

Madhusudan Menon
Anirban RoyChoudhury

Admission procedure is Excellent with clear guidelines. Study materials is Excellent and has helped me in adding lot of value. There is an excellent support from IIBMS staff. Exam procedure was excellent with clear guidelines. The procedure communicated is Good. Co-ordination with counselor was also good. The course material is Excellent and enabled me to add value to myself and enhance my understanding.

Anirban RoyChoudhury
Hemanth Kumar

I am really happy with the facilities provided by IIBMS Institute.The study materials are really helpful with good practical knowledge which helped me a lot to face current market scenario as well as real life situations. I was getting all answers on my each queries asked during my my course.Exam Pattern was flexible and I would suggest "IIBMS" to professionals who do not have time for full time & part time course.My best wishes to IIBMS.

Hemanth Kumar
MBA -IT & Projects
Pranay Kumar Nath

The support from your team has been great and I heartily thank all of you. I gained a great knowledge during my course duration. The case-study helped me in understanding the subject matter very well which I can even articulate in real life experience. I thank IIBMS for providing a great opportunity to learn management skills. I hope that IIBMS institute will be placed as one of the best management institutes in the upcoming future.

Pranay Kumar Nath
PGDBA (Marketing Management)
Mr.Avinash HRD

The Course material Provided by IIBMS is easy to understandable and also narrative so that anyone can easily grasp.The web support given by IIBMS is fantastic. The frequent communication about exam and the telephonic support is too good.Whenever I was asking for any queries or complaints to IIBMS is solved in a faster manner. I would definitely suggest IIBMS to others for their career growth and my good wishes to IIBMS growth.

Mr.Avinash HRD
Krishnappa H

It is my privilege to share experience with IIBMS during my studies. Quality of study material was very good with best authors in the field with lot of case studies and examples. This helped me to put in practice in day to day operations.As "There is no end for learning/studying new things ". This study along with my long industry experience will help me to write small books. I am planning to continue my studies if the opportunities available further.

Krishnappa H
EMBA & DMS -Operations