7 Tips for students planning to study online

1. Is distance learning for you? People who are the most successful at studying online, share the three things in common. #1. They are self-motivated #2. They are disciplined #3. They are studying something they want to study, and they like to study.   2. Is your online course recognized? Say for example if you 

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The need for an online Executive MBA course

On an average, any EMBA candidate is 38+ years old with surplus experience in the field he/she is working at. With each passing year more and more female employees are enrolling for the course to excel in the work platform while performing at par with their male counterparts. Of course, the course is available for 

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Know how employers perceive an online degree in MBA

Now that you are done with your graduation course, there are hundreds of thoughts running through your mind. Out of all these dilemmas, the major cause for concern is whether to go for a full-time MBA course or pursue your dream while getting all the necessary information via an online MBA degree. Before internet grew 

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Advantages of picking an online degree over full-time courses

The market that we see today has become very competitive, and people want to make the best out of the least. The same goes for education. People look for degrees that come with convenience without full-time investment especially when you have many responsibilities onboard. Online education can be a feasible option given the fact that 

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Is online MBA program the only option to excel in career?

Opting to pursue distance MBA might act as the best bet, especially when it comes to enhancing the overall career prospects you flaunt. This is helpful when you are currently a job holder and require a means to enhance your present knowledge. The Internet is a vast domain, and with every passing day, there is 

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7 Effective Steps to Solve Case Study

As you discuss cases with your fellow students, you will learn that decision making is often a confrontational activity involving people with different points of view. Most important, you will learn how to work toward consensus while tolerating legitimate differences of opinion. After completing a few case studies, you should find them an interesting and 

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Soft Skills Development Certification

Imagine two individuals with completely identical qualifications competing for the same job, contract or Position
Who would win? Of course the candidate with better soft skills!