Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1} What is Distance Learning?

Ans. Distance Learning refers to teaching and learning situations in which the instructor and the learner/ learners are geographically separated and therefore rely on other modes of instructional delivery.

Q.2} Advantages of a Distance Learning program?

Ans. Right from its inception, IIBMS realized that Distance Learning presents the ideal type of educational programs for the mature career individual and for those who have major disadvantages attending normal classroom environments. IIBMS plays an important role in this field and is continuously developing new programs and new methods of delivery to remain in the forefront of this very important sector of management education. Other advantages are the low fees and other overheads, no capitation fees or donations involved and allow working people to pursue education in a manner most suitable to them.

Q.3} Who will get benefit from IIBMS programs?

Ans. IIBMS Programs are extremely useful for working executives, self-employed entrepreneurs and job seekers who may or may not have formal managerial qualification. These courses provide extensive knowledge of essential management techniques and offer an opportunity to everyone, irrespective of background, to receive job oriented training which meets business and industry requirements. It greatly improves the chances of getting a job and also improves career prospects, as lack of a management qualification often bars entry into managerial cadre in the corporate sector.

Q.4} How is the MBA Program of IIBMS different from other MBA Programs?

Ans. The MBA Program of IIBMS focuses on knowledge and skills required by management professionals who plan to work for Indian and multinational corporations. It provides the students with a general management perspective and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to functional areas of management. The substantive exposure to Indian and international management practices with a strong case-study orientation is a unique feature of the MBA Program. In addition, the MBA Program is structured in a flexible manner so that working executives can pursue this program without disturbing their careers.

Q.5} What is MBA fast track?

Ans. The program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 10 months to 2 years. Generally when you go for a regular MBA with 16-24 subjects the course structure is basically divided in 3 major parts. In the first part i.e.1st Year, you get to revise the graduation studies and the basics of MBA. In the second part i.e. 2nd Year 1st half, you get to learn your 1st specialization and in the 3rd part, they cover your second specialization. This particular program that we offer is a single specialization MBA with 6 other subjects. So in a way what we are offering you is the 2nd year 2nd half of any regular MBA program because you already know the first 2 parts through you experience.

Q.6} Is the MBA and other Programs recognized by AICTE?

Ans. AICTE Stands for all India counsil for technical education. AICTE is applicable for regular institute only. IIBMS is distance learning institute thus AICTE is not applicable. IIBMS is a non-university institution. All program of IIBMS are autonomous and do not come under preview of UGC/AICTE. In the changing economic environment what matters most is the recognition by the employers. The MBA Program is highly appreciated and valued by blue-chip employers, as it is a uniquely designed program in Management, comprehensively covering all the functional areas of management in great depth. In today’s buyers’ market, these professionals will have good prospects in Indian companies and also in MNCs operating in Worldwide.

Q.7} I am a working executive. Can I pursue the MBA Program?

Ans. Yes, the MBA Program can be pursued on a self-study basis. You can do self-study in your free time, and appear for the examinations and complete the program. It is designed completely in a flexible manner to suit the needs of the working executives.

Q.8} What are the placement prospects for the MBA graduates?

Ans. Acquiring the MBA qualification will give a sustainable competitive advantage for candidates who are interested in career opportunities with progressive employers. The MBA Program offers a broad spectrum of management courses with a strong practical orientation through its emphasis on case-based learning. The candidates who pursue the MBA Program will get exposed to a cutting-edge curriculum. Thus, successful candidates will be able to explore career opportunities with leading Indian and multinational companies. IIBMS also assists qualified MBAs in their placement efforts.

Q.9} How relevant will what I learn be to the real business world?

Ans. The experts who have planned the curriculum of these programs have extensive real world experience. They know both business theory and business practice.

Q.10} Why should I go to IIBMS not other institutes?

Ans. IIBMS gives flexibility in each procedure & also gives true information to all which is transparent given in website as well as in prospectus. IIBMS fulfill the requirement of all students. You can enquire & compare each things with IIBMS .We can only give you all information but student is better judge who can decided where to go. IIBMS provides:-


  • Fast Track Courses – Diploma to Doctorate level
  • Job Oriented Courses
  • Over 100 Specializations
  • Self Explanatory, comprehensive – Study-Material
  • Latest management techniques – Case study based education
  • Strong Web based support
  • Exam on demand – Case Study – Open Book – Examination
  • Examination World Wide – Locations
  • Fastest Processing for Results & Certificate.
  • 100% Placement / Job Assistance & Global job Opportunity.
  • No Hidden Cost – Affordable Fees Including registration fees, Program Fees, Study Material, exam fees…etc…

Q.11} Do you offer any DEC/UGC approved courses?

Ans. Yes, We have Courses Provided through VOU ( Venkateshwara Open University)

Q.12} What if I come across doubts or queries while studying?

Ans. IIBMS provides online 24 × 7 support; simply submit your queries online, you will get the answer within 24 hours. Coaching and spoon feeding is accepted mode of learning for school students. Correspondence course studies are designed keeping in mind the needs of working professionals, so that difficulties do not arise.

Q.13} How should I do a Project Study:

Ans. In case of MBA 4 sem, project study should be of at least 50 pages and project study should be related to the specialization subject that you choose with proper bulleting and no hand written projects should be submitted.
In case of DMS course the project study should be of minimum 300 pages and project study should be related to the field in which he is working into and he will get an appreciation letter for the same.( You need to mail 3 topics to professors related to work area with reason why you have selected that topic & Professor will select any one from three on which you need to prepare)

Q.14} What is difference in MBA/E-MBA/MBA 4 – SEM OR Why these 3 different courses?

Ans. Students come to us from different backgrounds with different expectations. With the objective to fulfill needs of all students, we have introduced three different Master’s certifications.
MBA fast track has only the minimum possible subjects absolutely necessary for MBA certification.
Executive Master’s has subjects of wider scope, like HR Management, Marketing & International Business and students who have knowledge about management or a student who is a manager can apply for EMBA course.
MBA 4 Sem is for those students who feel that only such a wide scope of subjects will do justice to their thirst of knowledge. MBA 4 Sem is specially designed for fresher or people who are having less than 3 years experience. Who want to study in depth…

Admission Procedure FAQ’s

Q.1} How can I enquire in your Institute?

Ans. You can send an enquiry on our website or call on the enquiry number and speak to our counselor. You can also come to visit personally at our given office address.

Q.2} What is the admission procedure?

Ans. You should duly fill the Application form attached with Information Brochure, given to you or can also submit online. Application form has to be sent along with the attested documents required.

Q.3} How can I pay the fees?

Ans. Fees can be paid by Cash*/Online Transfer/Credit card/Cheque/DD which is payable in favor of “Indian Institute of Business Management & Studies” payable at Mumbai. Cash is accepted at Mumbai head office only. Cash is not accepted at location other than Mumbai.

Q.4} Do you accept credit cards for payment of fees?

Ans. Yes, You can pay your fees by Credit Card / Debit Card / Online through IIBMSPayment Gateway

Q.5} Do you provide any installments facility for paying fees?

Ans. Yes, we provide installment facility for payment of course fees but installments have to be paid by giving post dated cheques at the time of admission.

Q.6} Do you accept cash/D.D’s/cheques for payment of fees?

Ans. Yes, Fees are accepted in all the above modes of payment. In case a chq gets dishonored / bounced then Students are liable to pay chq dishonor charges of Rs.800/- for continuing the course.

Q.7} Which documents are required to be submit for enrollment?

Ans. Following documents are required to be submitted
a) Application Form with Attested Photocopies of latest Mark sheets/Certificate.
b) Attested Photocopies of Work Experience Certificate /Appointment letter as per course requirement.
c) Photocopies of Address Proof & Photo Id Proof.
d) Three – latest Passport size Photographs and update CV.

Q.8} How can I submit documents, If I cannot visit the Institute personally?

Ans. You can send the photocopies of necessary documents through courier or scan and mail the documents to .

Q.9} Do you give referral benefits to students?

Ans. Yes, but it is purely decided by management.

Q.10} How can I know my admission is confirmed in IIBMS?

Ans. After enrolment you will receive the the Receipt acknowledgement email from accounts department, “Welcome Letter” and “Confirmation Letter” through E-mail along with Student Reference Number, this reference number would be unique and exclusively for your future correspondence from our Admission Department.

Q.11} When will I get my ID Card?

Ans. You will receive the Fees receipt & ID Card within 25 working days (except Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays) after completion of admission procedure.

Q.12} When will I get my Books?

Ans. Study Materials will be sent along with ID Card & Fees Receipt within 25 working days (except Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays) after completion of admission procedure.

Q.13} Can I get the fees refund if I cancel the admission?

Ans. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Q.14} Can I change my Course & Specialization after admission?

Ans. You can change course & specialization only on the day of admission during working hours. Course & Specialization once selected will not be changed under any circumstances. If you want to change specialization or enroll for extra specialization you will have to pay Rs. 5000/- additional charges.

Exam Procedure FAQ’s

Q.1} When can I appear for exam?

Ans. Flexible examinations are conducted four times in a year i.e. January,April, July & October.

Q.2} What are the sessions of exams?

Ans. You can see the table given below.

  Exam Date  Last Date to Enroll For Exam
  January ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  October ( 1st To 31st)
  April ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  January ( 1st to 31st)
  July ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  April (1st to 30th)
  October ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  July (1st to 30th)

Q.3} From where I can get exam demand form?

Ans. You can send a request for Exam Demand form on  OR Download it from the website.

Q.4} Can I get some sample case studies for reference?

Ans. Yes, You can download the sample case study from our website. You can also mail your request to our professors with your Ref No at ‘ can mail to professors with your Ref No on

Q.5} Can I attend for examination if fees are not clear?

Ans. Student is eligible for exam only after clearance of full fees of his particular course along with the cheques bounce charges / delay charges / penalties (if any).

Q.6} All fields are mandatory while filling Exam Application Form?

Ans. All fields are compulsory. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. In case of any queries related to the questions in Exam Application Form, you can take assistance from Exam Department or you can mail at

Q.7} How do I send exam demand form or how can I apply for exam?

Ans. You have to send the duly filled up exam demand form on  & not on any other email id.

Q.8} How can I know that my exam is confirmed?

Ans. After verifying all details filled up in form, you will get confirmation mail stating whether your exam is confirmed or rejected for the particular session.

Q.9} How will i receive my question papers?

Ans. You will receive your question papers by courier or mail whichever is selected by student on exam demand form.

Q.10} How many days I will get to answer my question papers?

Ans. The Exam duration is of specified for each course in prospectus. In general for each semester you will get 10 (Working + Non working) days to write & submit your answers. (Exception: Students enrolled for DMS will get 30 days to complete DMS papers).

Q.11} What answer sheets I should use for writing my question papers?

Ans. You can use A4 size answer papers.

Q.12} What is the pattern of question papers?

Ans. If student has applied for Study centre then student has to come to our centre for examination, the question papers for Study centre will be based on Subjective questions and incase of a student has applied for Home / Email options, papers will be based on case studies.

Q.13} Can I type & mail my answers ?

Ans. Student has to submit only handwritten answer sheets.

Q.14} How can I submit my answer sheets?

Ans. On or before 10th day of the schedule, student can courier the answer sheets along with the question papers to Exam Department Mumbai or personally submit the same in Mumbai office only. After dispatching courier answer sheets student will have to mail courier details on  on the same day.

Q.15} What charges I have to pay if I fail to submit my papers on time?

Ans. For late submission you will be liable to submit Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of eight days.

Q.16} What if I am unable to submit the answer papers in specified exam days + 8 days extension?

Ans. In case of delay submission / no submission by over eight days above the specified exam days the exam stand cancelled. To continue the course and reappear for exam you are liable to pay cancellation charges Rs.1600 of 8 days & Re-exam charges Rs.500/- per paper.

Q.17} Why are you charging late fees?

Ans. To avoid late submission of answer sheets. If you submit your answer sheets on time i.e. during your schedule then you won’t be charged with any fees.

Q.18} What if I fail in any subject?

Ans. Student has to pay Rs.500/- per paper for re-appearing for particular subjects.

Q.19} If the course duration is completed, can I extend that course duration?

Ans. Yes, In case of the course duration is over you can extend it by one year by paying applicable course extension fees. Fees applicable for Indian student in India is Rs.5,990/ for courses except diploma, and Rs.1990/- for diploma courses. Fees for students from abroad shall be US$300/- for courses except diploma and US$199/- for diploma courses.

Q.20} When I will get my result?

Ans. You will receive your results in 45 working days after submission of your answer sheets.

Q.21} Can I cancel my exam after submitting the Exam Demand form?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel the exam before 5 days(Including date of exam) before the exam schedule , subject to non receipt of exam papers. Also exam cancellation charges Rs500*/- is applicable.

Q.22} What documents should I send to Mumbai office along with the answer sheets?

Ans. You will have to send the question papers alongwith your handwritten answer sheets.

Q.23} Can I personally come and collect Question paper from your branch office?

Ans. Yes, you can personally collect the question paper but from Mumbai office only.

Q.24} Can I submit the soft copy of Project Report?

Ans. No, You will have to submit the Hard copy of the Project report along with your Final Semester Answer sheets..


Q.1} Can students residing abroad pursue the IIBMS diploma and Certificate programs?

Ans. Yes, this is a distance-learning program and one can pursue this program from anywhere in India or abroad. International students will have to pay fees according to the US $ fee structure. Examination will be conducted through the case study based exam pattern.

Q.2} How can I register in IIBMS for any course?

Ans. You can either courier all documents at Mumbai office or scan & email

Q.3} How to make fees payment ?

Ans. You can make payment of fees by fund transfer or Demand Draft drawn in the favor of “Indian Institute of Business Management & Studies”, payable at Mumbai, India.

Q.4} How will I receive study material? Do I have to pay extra charges other than the fees paid in dollars.

Ans. Within 25 working days of receipt of full fees (US $) Study material shall be dispatched by courier at the correspondence address mentioned in your application form. No extra charges are applicable.

Q.5} After enrollment if an Indian national shifts his residence from India, can there be change in his Category from Indian to International Student? (Only for Indian nationals)

Ans. No, once an Indian National enrolled as Indian student will continue to be considered as indian student only. Student moving abroad will have to pay the fees as per the Indian student’s fees structure, but he will have to pay additional courier charges to get study material at oversea address.

Q.6} What would be the mode of examination?

>Ans. You can either opt for an email examination based on case studies. Answers should be hand written & courier it to Mumbai Office only in the stipulated time schedule as per exam demand form submitted by students.

Q.7} How will I receive Certificate?

Ans. Within 45 working days after receipt of all semesters answer sheets, Certificate shall be dispatched by courier at the correspondence address mentioned in your application form. No extra charges are applicable.