Exam Option & Procedure

Flexible Examinations are conducted four times in a year i.e January ,April , July & October.

Exam DateLast Date to Enroll For Exam
January   ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)October   ( 1st to 31st )
April   ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)January   ( 1st to 31st )
July   ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)April   ( 1st to 30th )
October   ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)July   ( 1st to 31st )

IIBMS conducts two types of Examinations :

(A) Center Based :
Students can opt for three hours classroom examination as well .The exam will be conducted at IIBMS study centres.In such a case the students will not be allowed to refer study materials in the examination center.The student should indicate the preference for this option at the time of admission in application form.
(B)Home/Email Based :
Case study based question paper is applicable for home or Email option.Support for understanding this Case study based question paper is applicable for home or Email option.Support for understanding this option shall be provided on exam@iibms.net /examquery@iibms.net.

To apply for examinations student should send filled exam demand form which is available on our website or send a request on exam@iibms.net  before 60 days from particular session.For Example, if a student enroll for January session,then he/she should send exam demand form,two months before the session i.e between 1st October to 31st October. Kindly make sure that exam demand form should be send on only exam@iibms.net  only not any other email id then only it will be accepted

If you fail to send your request on time then you are requested to send your demand form for next session only, we will not accept your demand form at any circumstances if you will not submit on time as per session’s last dates.Once you decide to make an examination request ,shall have to confirm the date for examination at least sixty day in advance from particular session ( Refer the above Table ), Thus on receiving question papers you shall have to attempt the papers within stipulated time;making late submission shall be liable to submit Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of eight days.

The examination shall stand cancelled if the answers are not received upto eight extra days time. Subsequently, shall have to apply for re-examination. The re-examination charges shall be Rs. 500/- per paper and the delay charge of Rs. 1600/- shall also be charged, ( for example re-examination of three subjects fees to be paid will be: 1600 + 500 x 3 = 3100 ). This is to inform you beforehand so that you avoid late submission of answer sheets.

Submission of handwritten answer sheets are compulsory along with question papers at MUMBAI office only by courier.

Student can refer Exam FAQ’s for queries related to examination.

Grading System

Grading is based on percentage of marks scored by individual student.

Grading System
 74.51% and AboveA+
64.51% to 74.50%A
54.51% to 64.50%B
49.51% to 54.50%C
45.49% to 49.50%Pass Class
 Below 45%Fail
  1. Results shall be declared within 45 Working days from the submission of answer sheets.
  2. Mark Sheet & Certificate will be issued together within 45 Working days from the date of declaration of final result of entire course.
  3. In case of DMS students ,the certification shall be three parts consisting of Mark sheet, certificate and Appreciation letter in recognition of the project work undertaken successfully as part of course requirements.
  4. In case of any queries regarding results please contact us at result@iibms.net

Exam Procedure FAQ’s

Q.1} When can I appear for exam?

Ans. Flexible examinations are conducted four times in a year i.e. January,April, July & October.

Q.2} What are the sessions of exams?

Ans. You can see the table given below.

  Exam Date  Last Date to Enroll For Exam
  January ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  October ( 1st To 31st)
  April ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  January ( 1st to 31st)
  July ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  April (1st to 30th)
  October ( 1 to 10)/(11-20)/(21 to 30)  July (1st to 30th)

Q.3} From where I can get exam demand form?

Ans. You can send a request for Exam Demand form on exam@iibms.net OR Download it from the website.

Q.4} Can I get some sample case studies for reference?

Ans. Yes, You can download the sample case study from our website. You can also mail your request to our professors with your Reference No. at edu@iibms.net. You can mail to professors with your Reference No. on edu@iibms.net

Q.5} Can I attend for examination if fees are not clear?

Ans. Student is eligible for exam only after clearance of full fees of his particular course along with the cheques bounce charges / delay charges / penalties (if any).

Q.6} All fields are mandatory while filling Exam Application Form?

Ans. All fields are compulsory. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. In case of any queries related to the questions in Exam Application Form, you can take assistance from Exam Department or you can mail at exam@iibms.net.

Q.7} How do I send exam demand form or how can I apply for exam?

Ans. You have to send the duly filled up exam demand form on exam@iibms.net  & not on any other email id.

Q.8} How can I know that my exam is confirmed?

Ans. After verifying all details filled up in form, you will get confirmation mail stating whether your exam is confirmed or rejected for the particular session.

Q.9} How will I receive my question papers?

Ans. You will receive your question papers by email which is mentioned on exam demand form.

Q.10} How many days I will get to answer my question papers?

Ans. The Exam duration is of specified for each course in prospectus. In general for each semester you will get 10 (Working + Non working) days to write & submit your answers. (Exception: Students enrolled for DMS will get 30 days to complete DMS papers).

Q.11} What answer sheets I should use for writing my question papers?

Ans. You can use A4 size answer papers.

Q.12} What is the pattern of question papers?

Ans. If student has applied for Study centre then student has to come to our centre for examination, the question papers for Study centre will be based on Subjective questions and incase of a student has applied for Home / Email options, papers will be based on case studies.

Q.13} Can I type & mail my answers ?

Ans. Student has to submit only handwritten answer sheets.

Q.14} How can I submit my answer sheets?

Ans. On or before 10th day of the schedule, student can courier the answer sheets along with the question papers to Exam Department Mumbai or personally submit the same in Mumbai office only. After dispatching courier answer sheets student will have to mail courier details on exam@iibms.net  on the same day.

Q.15} What charges I have to pay if I fail to submit my papers on time?

Ans. For late submission you will be liable to submit Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of eight days.

Q.16} What if I am unable to submit the answer papers in specified exam days + 8 days extension?

Ans. In case of delay submission / no submission by over eight days above the specified exam days the exam stand cancelled. To continue the course and reappear for exam you are liable to pay cancellation charges Rs.1600 of 8 days & Re-exam charges Rs.500/- per paper.

Q.17} Why are you charging late fees?

Ans. To avoid late submission of answer sheets. If you submit your answer sheets on time i.e. during your schedule then you won’t be charged with any fees.

Q.18} What if I fail in any subject?

Ans. Student has to pay Rs.500/- per paper for re-appearing for particular subjects.

Q.19} If the course duration is completed, can I extend that course duration?

Ans. Yes, In case of the course duration is over you can extend it by one year by paying applicable course extension fees. Fees applicable for Indian student in India is Rs.5,990/ for courses except diploma, and Rs.1990/- for diploma courses. Fees for students from abroad shall be US$300/- for courses except diploma and US$199/- for diploma courses.

Q.20} When I will get my result?

Ans. You will receive your results in 45 working days after submission of your answer sheets.

Q.21} Can I cancel my exam after submitting the Exam Demand form?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel the exam before 5 days(Including date of exam) before the exam schedule , subject to non receipt of exam papers. Also exam cancellation charges Rs500*/- is applicable.

Q.22} What documents should I send to Mumbai office along with the answer sheets?

Ans. You will have to send the question papers alongwith your handwritten answer sheets.

Q.23} Can I personally come and collect Question paper from your branch office?

Ans. Yes, you can personally collect the question paper but from Mumbai office only.

Q.24} Can I submit the soft copy of Project Report?

Ans. No, You will have to submit the Hard copy of the Project report along with your Final Semester Answer sheets..