• Bachelor of Computer Application


BCA program equips the student with knowledge in all the aspects related to computers, like the computer architecture, languages that are required for coding and developing different software programmes, operating systems and different algorithms that are required to run different software programmes.


BCA can prepare the student to manage business organization with their software and hardware requirements.

Complete knowledge of computer application is imparted is the key for any organization to mange their customized requirements.

To enable the student acquire the current industry based requirements through the curriculum designed for this program.


HSC or equivalent.


The Duration for the program would be 36 to 60 month.


Semester 1

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Principles of Prog. & Algorithm
  • Modern Operating Environment & M.S. Office
  • Lab – Principles of Prog. & Algorithm

Semester 2

  • Computer Applications in Statistics
  • Introduction to Database Management System
  • E-commerce Concepts
  • C-programing
  • Lab – C Programming

Semester 3

  • Data Structure Using C
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Software Engineering
  • RDBMS (Oracle)
  • SE Lab

Semester 4

  • Computer Networks
  • Enterprise Recourse Planning

Semester 5

  • Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • Java Lab

Semester 6

  • Project

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