IIBMS Accreditation

IIBMS is an ISO 9001-2015 International B-School

IIBMS has proudly claimed the Excellence in Distance Learning Award presented by Mumbai Matters as a token of appreciation for providing top notch education to professionals globally. This solely proclaims that IIBMS is 1 of the best Institutes in the field of distance learning.

BSI ANAB – British Standard Institute
IIBMS is registered with British Standard Institute (BSI) Semi-Govt. body in UK, authority which is accredited with ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation body (ANAB). This accreditation ensures the quality of the management system implemented by IIBMS.The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board had it roots in the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB), which was established in 1989 by theAmerican Society for Quality (ASQ). RAB’s original mission was to provide accreditation services for certification bodies (CBs). When RAB was created, it immediately sought to strengthen the U.S. system for CB accreditation by pursuing a formal relationship with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In 1991, ANSI and RAB joined forces to establish the American National Accreditation Program for Registrars of Quality Systems.
IADL – The International Association for Distance Learning:
IIBMS is approved member of IADL (International Association for Distance Learning). The International Association for Distance Learning promotes excellence in open, distance and online learning worldwide, and provides a benchmark through which global consumers can gauge the quality of courses offered by our membership.
The IADL is an Independent, non-profit organization with its principal administrative offices in London in the United Kingdom

BMA – Bombay Management Association :
IIBMS is an member of BMA which is an association of Institutional and Individual Members with the objective to promote and develop sound management principles and practices.It is an Independent non-profit making entity, which focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness in a broad sphere of activities with a common desire to improve the standards of Business Management in India.BMA provides a forum for mutual sharing of management ideas, experiences and expertise. BMA also invites speakers from India and abroad for the members of BMA and for the benefit of general public. Click here to verify

GAODL – IIBMS is accredited to Global Association For Open and Distance Learning, which is a USA based organization where GAODL strives to make a difference in the effectiveness of learning by bringing distance learning professionals together from across the nation and around the world.Click here to verify
CODS – IIBMS is a member of council of distance studies with Membership Number – IK5011286 , India a body whose work is to promote open and distance learning through the development of appropriate methods and technologies in education and training relevant to distance learning. Click to Verify
ASSOCHAM – IIBMS is in association with the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (Assocham) with the           Membership Number – CA-3307,  this membership will be a source to Empower Indian enterprise by inculcating knowledge that will be the catalyst of growth in the management skills to align and emerge as formidable player in respective business & management studies.