8 Ways To Stand Out In a Competitive Job Market And Become a Leader of Tomorrow

IT’S NOT HOW YOUR LIFE IS, IT’S HOW YOU LIVE IT.digital-student-expectations

  In today’s world, out of different emotions, one emotion is highly observed in more than 90% of people, that is none other than jealousy. People start to think about a thing which isn’t theirs and wants to rule over it. Jealousy has evolved in humans out of pressure exerted by society. And this jealousy is on an urge to destroy relationships. People are judged, liked and most importantly, accepted on the basis of how educated they are and their earning capacity. They have started living their life as per the expectations of society.

People have begun competing against each other to grab that one seat, due to limited jobs. But the fact is, it’s not the jobs that are limited, it’s the skills. Competing with others makes you more challenging and hardworking. Yet the harsh reality is, they hustle out of society’s pressure.

If the competition takes place in a positive manner, a person will be more successful.

Here are some approaches you can lean upon to be a successful entrepreneur-

  1. An impressive resume with a cover letter

As rightly said, the first impression is the last impression. Resume or CV is the potential screen where you can demonstrate all your capabilities, your prior work experience, skill set, list of certificates, any volunteering work in your field of study, and most important, market yourself in the best creative way possible. Apart from this, a wider range of knowledge and skills acquired through online education also looks good on the resume.

  1. Create your identity online

To brand yourself online, the first thing is to create a presence on all social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. But the best genuine platform to get the job which you always dreamt of is none other than LinkedIn. 99% of the companies have their account on LinkedIn. Connecting to them, consistently updating your profile, share your achievements, prior work experience, etc could turn the tables and make your luck shine.

  1. A perfect body language

There are thousands, millions, hundreds of people in a queue to get the same job which you also want. Many factors are needed to make an interview effective, but body language is one of the key aspects required to make an ideal communication. The walking style, manner of sitting, eye contact, using hand gestures while talking, a perfect attire is what makes you stand out from others and make a statement.

  1. Acquire data analyzation skills

Data Analysts play a major role in any company.  He/she should be able to effectively and efficiently figure out, understand and present the statistical data before the organization. Apart from this, they should brush up their communication skills.

  1. Don’t forget to carry your business card

Business Card is a window to an opportunity. It represents you, your job or your business. Business cards are easy to carry, many people keep the business cards in their business card holders. When your card is safe with them the chances of you being contacted likely increases. If individuals are discussing a field that you are knowledgeable about, there is a higher shot of referral since they can share your contact details by hauling your card out from their business card holder. Furthermore, carrying a business card in any conferences or office events, possess an image that you are serious and ambitious about your work and you may get to add one more person in your networking list.

  1. Have good references

If you have good contacts and own a positive image in their eyes, they would surely recommend you to others. This would prove advantageous for you and recruiter as well. Impressions received from the reference can create a long-lasting image and the interviewer may remember you when any important work pops up.

  1. Update yourself with ongoing current affairs

We are advised to read a newspaper every day to stay updated about the current events happening in and around the world but we never take that piece of advice seriously. Its importance is realized only when we are preparing for the interview

It’s important to stress upon National, international, political and economic issues. Also reading a newspaper regularly broadens your information database and helps you approach wider range solutions.

  1. Prepare well for the interview

It’s very heart-rending when the interviewer asks a question about yourself and you don’t know what to answer. Then you start to panic, get nervous, lose your confidence and ultimately ruin the whole interview. Many candidates try hard to impress the interviewer by cooking-up or fabricating things on their resume or telling far-fetched lies with no resources to back it up. An interview is basically a formal meeting between you and the assessor to know each other better and hence lying is considered a faux pas. It is essential for you to act like yourself and carry yourself with confidence but not overconfident.

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