10 common myths about online studies that keeps you from growing

Online education has advanced far beyond than what it was 10 – 14 years ago but there still are many myths around which stops one from taking a course online. Below are 10 of the most common myths that keep one from growing.

1. Studies online are easier than traditional schools

This is one of the most common misconceptions among most people. As many people think that few efforts are to be made to get a degree online. Although, students taking online courses have to go through the same topic and syllabus in a relatively shorter period of time when compared to the students attending traditional schools.

2. Online courses are basically just content from the Textbooks
Courses online do have the same topic and syllabus but, are entirely for a quicker and better understanding for almost anyone. In fact, the contents offered in online courses are explained in much more details and are more interesting whGraphic1en compared to the traditional textbooks.

3. You get isolated in an online course.
Studying online means attending classes on your laptop away from crowded classrooms. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t contact anyone from your class or get a hold of an instructor. Courses online today have chat rooms and communities to share or ask about any topics. Some intuitions even organize weekly or monthly webcam sessions to interact more with their students.

4. There is no time limit to finish a course online
This case might be actually true for some stand-alone course but if you are doing an online degree course from a well-reputed institution like Indian Institute of Business Management and Studies (IIBMS) you have a certain last date to finish the assignments and projects assigned, similar to traditional classrooms.

5. Online courses take less time-

Well, this can’t be considered as myth as few online programs focus on completing the course faster than regular course. But most of the online degree courses now take a good amount of time to finish without rushing.

6. It is easy to cheat in online exams
It can be considered normal for many people to think that cheating in an online exam is comparatively easier than traditional exams as they are conducted under no supervision. However, this completely untrue as universities successfully organize exams online by monitoring keystrokes, scanning for plagiarism and blocking certain extensions from the browser while adding some of its own anti-cheat functions for a fair test/exam.

7. Online courses are only for computer nerds
Online courses does not require one to be a computer genius or a tech nerd but. The basic knowledge of computers and the internet is ready to get you going. Some institutions also provided a guidebook on how to get you started so there is no part where someone is left out on.

8. Study resources are limited in online courses.

As online courses are already designed in a way to be sufficient enough. Should one be looking to gather some extra knowledge, he/ she can always ask extra articles or notes from the institution.

9. You succeed no matter what in an online course.

As discussed earlier online courses strictly follow the syllabus topics offered in traditional colleges, dedication and time management is key to success. Procrastination can be common in a student taking an online course resulting unsuccessful. However, if you have a strong will and are able to manage your time efficiently there is nothing stopping you from being successful.

10. Online degrees are Not Credible.
This has been the major myth which has stopped many people from taking online courses. As of now, online degrees are credible everywhere as long it is from a well known institution. Some recruiters even praise the students taking online courses for their excellent time management skills.

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